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From the Strolling Series by Cecile Emeke

free condoms; pay for tampons, typecasting, “selling out”, rape culture & more

I love this series, and everything she said completely resonated with me, especially when she talked about how black men (#FakeDeeps, as Cecile cleverly put it) contribute to sexism towards black women. I think it’s important that feminism places women as central to the cause, and I loved how she spoke from her who point of view as a black women. 

The Filmaker’s Info 

Website: cecileemeke.com
Vimeo: vimeo.com/cecileemeke
FB: facebook.com/cecileemeke
Tumblr: cecileemeke.tumblr.com
Instagram: @cecileemeke
Twitter: @cecileemeke

exposing the ankhs


Virgo have a hard time dealing with people who they deem as unintelligent. This sign can snap at people when they say something stupid. Instead of just letting a remark slide by, Virgo has to say something. 




Jus Reign is a Canadian Youtube sensation, known for his witty humour and parody videos.

Check out his channel www.youtube.com/jusreign

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Flawless and whatnot

How can you not love him though?

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